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Malibu Looking to Make PCH Safer For Drivers, Walkers, Bikers

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News today of a potential gamechanger for alternative transportation on a notoriously unwalkable stretch of SoCal roadway--the Pacific Coast Highway. The Southern California Association of Governments and the city of Malibu have posted a bid for a Pacific Coast Highway Safety Study for all modes of travel along the 21 mile stretch between the eastern and western edges of Malibu. PCH also happens to be Malibu's only major arterial roadway and its citizens have been begging for better safety measures, particularly after several fatalities in 2010. From the Scope of Work document released today: "The study will examine current conditions along the roadway and determine accident patterns based on roadway geometry, adjacent land-uses and/or other factors that may be unique to Malibu. The study will analyze and identify potential strategies, (engineering, education and enforcement) to promote improved safety along PCH for all modes of travel including bicycling and walking." The Scope of Work also breaks the long, skinny city into four sections for the study to examine, including: 1) Topanga Canyon Road to Big Rock Road, 2) Big Rock Road to Cross Creek Road, 3) Cross Creek Road to Busch Drive, and 4) Busch Drive to Western City Limits. A $300,000 grant (pdf) from Caltrans provides most of the funding for this portion of the study, which is expected to take 24 months to complete.
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