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Wouldja Believe This Hollywood Hills House is a Case Study By Buff & Hensman? Yeah, Us Neither

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If we didn't know better, we'd swear that the listing copy for this Beachwood Canyon property was written by some kind of real estate-specific spambot, programmed to lure in gullible buyers by deploying a random sequence of attention-getting buzzwords. To wit: "This home was built by Buff and Hensman as a potential case study house. Has a spectacular view, black granite counters in kitchen, red oak hardwood floors and newer redwood decks. Has an atrium at entry with newer decking. This is in the neighborhood of the original Hollywood Land and is across from Charlie Chaplin's former home." Now, while we can go along with some, even most, of the preceding statements, the property's main claim to fame seems rather dubious. We could find no reference to it in the estimable John Crosse's Buff & Hensman: An Annotated and Illustrated Bibliography. Then there's the accompanying photos of the 1965 residence--not exactly in Julius Shulman territory, are we? So, caveat emptor! Located on a 3,847 square foot lot, the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath house is listed at $735,000.
· 6140 TEMPLE HILL Dr [Redfin]