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Touring Ortiz Mexia Projects's Appleton Way House

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This past weekend, we hit six of the nine houses on the Venice Modern Home Tour. We've already made some notes on decor (Aniston! Turtles! Corbu!), so now on to the architecture.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

How refereshing: the Appleton Way house from Ortiz Mexia Projects, Inc. has no driveway or garage visible from the street. The two-car garage backs up onto the alley and sits below OMP's studio space; in the main house, there are four bedrooms, a kitchen/dining/living area, and balconies over both the front and backyard. The house is also surrounded by mostly mature trees and plants ("approximately 50 years" old, according to tour's website); the new stuff is all drought tolerant.
· 1378 Appleton Way [Venice Modern Home Tour]