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Two-Story Owner's Unit in the Notorious Il Borghese Apartments

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Well if it isn't the owner's unit in the storied Il Borghese, a 1929 courtyard building in Hancock Park that's jam-packed with Hollywood lore (real, fake, and filmic). According to a tipster: "Shirley Temple lived here. Erroll Flynn partied here, Ann Margaret visited her publicist here, Lionel Richie found his current wife here." And we can't confirm a damn bit of it (we can confirm that Mulholland Drive was filmed at the building). This is Il Borghese's only townhouse-style unit, according to the listing, and has two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, hardwood and tile floors, central air, a rooftup sundeck, and laundry. It also comes with garage parking. Rent is $3,900 per month.
· 450 N Sycamore Ave APT 7 [Zillow]
· Furnished Condo in Aunt Ruth's Mulholland Drive Building [Curbed LA]

Il Borghese

450 N. Sycamore Ave., Los Angeles, CA