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On David Foster Wallace's Fiftieth Birthday: His Last House

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Today would've been David Foster Wallace's fiftieth birthday. There are good reads by and about Wallace all over, but you could also try wringing a little meaning from these photos of his last house in Claremont, which accompanied the listing when his widow Karen Green sold it in early 2009. Wallace moved to Claremont in 2002 to become a creative writing professor at Pomona and in 2004 he and Green bought this Eichler-ish house, "custom built circa 1956." When it last sold, it had four bedrooms, an enclosed atrium in the master bathroom, a two-car garage where Wallace set up his office, a solar energy system, and "3 separate large garden areas" with drought resistant landscaping. In September 2008, Wallace hunghanged himself on the patio. Green listed the house for sale in January 2009 and sold it in April for $575,000.
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