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Work Underway at Silver Lake's Double Hexagon Duplex

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The Architect's Newspaper has photos of the construction currently underway on the Tattuplex on Loma Vista in Silver Lake--so named because the building is a duplex for a client named Tim Tattu. Get it? Renderings for the project hit the wire back in July, but now there is photographic proof that the neighborhood will soon be getting another well-situated residential property.

A/N shares the juicy details about how the project took shape: architect Tom Marble says he went through more than 70 iterations (he calls them fermentations) to settle on the off-set dual hexagon layout that is currently going up above the Silver Lake Reservoir. The Tattuplex will include an upstairs studio unit and a downstairs one-bedroom unit along with all of the green-minded trappings that one would expect for a client who is a both a nurse and a Zen Buddhist monk in training: "Sustainable elements include passive heating and cooling; composting kitchens (and maybe toilets); rainwater cisterns; deep overhangs for shading; a tree orchard and vegetable garden below and a vegetated roof upstairs."

The project's steel frame was fabricated off-site and bolted together onsite in a matter of days. The house is expected to be complete this summer, so there are sure to be more photos coming soon.
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