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Metro May Tackle Ear-Splitting Noise at Green Line Stations

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Thursday's Metro board meeting is packed with decisions to be made regarding the Regional Connector and Crenshaw light rail lines, but there's also an interesting item related to existing train stations. According to the meeting agenda, posted by The Source, the board will consider a motion by the construction committee to allocate $10 million for better signs, crosswalks, sidewalks, bike facilities, station canopies, streetscape amenities, park and ride lots, and security systems for the Blue and Green lines (they'll also explore more planning for transit-oriented development near the stops and future rail stations). But maybe most meaningful for transit riders is that Metro may finally take action on some of their very loud, freeway-adjacent stations--the Green Line, specifically, runs in the median of the 105 Freeway, a deafening, Tinnitus-filled zone. Metro will decide Thursday whether to "evaluate options for reducing station noise along the Green Line using advanced noise reduction techniques and/or strategies." Hopefully the Gold Line, which partially runs along the 210, will also eventually get the silent treatment.
· Agenda for Metro Board of Directors meeting on Thursday [The Source]