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Crypt For Sale in East LA, Taschen Scrapbooking at Redbury

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EAST LA: Our pals at Racked LA found this photo of a sign posted on a tree that really raises many more questions than it answers--it advertises a crypt, "bought in the 80's that I know longer need." The crypt is in the Corridor of Truth Mausoleum at the Home of Peace Memorial Park and Mausoleum and is asking $4,300. But more importantly: why doesn't the owner need it any more?? [Racked LA]

HOLLYWOOD: The Redbury Hotel is teaming up with design porn publisher Taschen for a turndown service/guestbooking endeavor. Guests at the hotel "will receive an exclusive excerpt from TASCHEN’s signature, Keel's Simple Diary™. A single page from the quirky diary will be placed on guests’ bed each evening?Guests will be encouraged to turn their completed pages into the Concierge, which The Redbury will compile into an evolving journal for future guests to enjoy." The hotel will also be stocking its rooms with Taschen books. [Curbed LA]

The Redbury

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