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West LA, Home to Tom Brady, Prefers the Giants This Sunday

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Esri, the geographic information systems software developer, is getting into the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday and the presidential election simultaneously with crowdsourced maps displaying the answers to a couple of burning questions: "Who do you want to win [the Super Bowl]?" and "Which [presidential] candidate would you invite to watch the game?" (a version of that perennially inane election year question "Which candidate would you rather share a beer with?") You can see the mapped data zoomed into zip code level or zoomed out to a larger region or the whole country. So far the results in the Los Angeles area favor the New York Football Giants for the Super Bowl and the standing president for game time party antics. The Brentwood area that Tom Brady will come home to after the game is over is evenly split (between two votes) as we publish, but surrounding Westside neighborhoods lean heavily to the Giants. Brady's new 'hood is also split between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, which is something of an outlier on the otherwise Obama-friendly Westside.
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