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Median Rent For a Two-Bed/One-Bath in Silver Lake is $2,195

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Developer/broker/blogger Moses Kagan crunched the numbers on "the bona fide, Silver Lake apartment rental listings on Craigslist at the end of the last full week in January" and found that rents look like they're getting pretty damn high in the 'hood. He broke down rentals by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and whether or not they had parking, then figured out median rates. Here's what he found:

-- Median rent for the three studios in the survey (all with one bathroom) was $980.

-- Median rent for the 19 one-bedrooms (all with one bathroom, except for one with one and a half) was $1,400.

-- Median rent for the one-bedroom/one-bathrooms that came with parking was $50 more at $1,450.

-- Median rent for the nine two-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $2,195.

-- Median rent for the nine two-bedrooms with two (or two and a half) bathrooms was $2,445.

-- Median rent for the four three-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $2,725.

-- Median rent for the nine three-bedrooms that had more than one bathroom (one and a half to two and a half) was $3,000.

-- All of the three-bedrooms came with parking.

All the raw data, including links to the listings, is downloadable over at Kagan's blog.
· Median Silver Lake 2 Bed-Apartment Blows Past $2,100 / Month [Moses Kagan on Real Estate]