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Handsome New Skatepark Opens at Hansen Dam

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The new Hansen Dam Skatepark officially opened last week, with designs by Spohn Ranch, an LA-based design/build firm specializing in skateparks. They worked with the Los Angeles Board of Rec and Parks on the project, which totals 8,800 square feet and features "integral colored concrete, granite-capped ledges and brick stamped banks," plus a 2,500 square foot "flow bowl" that will appear familiar to anyone who has been to the Venice Beach skatepark. There also several freestyle features in the park for the grinders. Spohn Ranch describes their design: "The well-rounded space blends the multiple genres of skate terrain in a cutting-edge fashion by anchoring the park's entrance with a unique bowl and snaking street-inspired features around a landscaped area in the center of the park." An official opening is still being planned, but the park opened to urban adrenaline junkies last week.
· Los Angeles' Hansen Dam Skatepark Now Open! [Spohn Ranch]