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Modern Home Tour: Our Top 5 Design Moments

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Yesterday, we joined a smattering of people to take in the Venice Modern Home Tour. We hit a handful of the nine homes on the tour, which was just enough to give us a few moments of design inspiration. These are our favorite pieces:

1. Pictures: If nothing else, have a signed glamour shot of Jennifer Aniston in your home. This photo was placed in the dining area of the house at 1825 Shell Ave apropos of nothing. But it was a stroke of genius as we saw several people doing double takes and chattering in hushed tones to their friends. Everyone was jealous.

2. Turtles: The home at 3672 Inglewood struggled to present a cozy family feel due to the abundance of concrete and metals. However, one of the children's rooms featured a pet turtle which lifted its head out of the water and blew bubbles. It was a very organic moment.

3. Aggression/Literature: Also in the Inglewood home was a nice artistic homage to a great Shakespearean work- or possibly some personal reminder of betrayal. Either way it was a nice placement of color in an otherwise black and white setting.

4. Sensitivity to Neighbors: Finally, one last point from the Inglewood house. We noticed the use of porthole and clerestory windows along one side of the house. We've often seen these employed to appease angry neighbors who don't want to have somebody's second floor addition looking over their backyard because it will ruin their privacy when they sunbathe or frolick in their hot tub. We usually scoff at such ideas, so when we stood on our toes and looked out the window we were surprised to actually see the middle age neighbor guy sunbathing. Guess it's true.

5. Archi-Worship: The last house we saw located at 2420 McKinley was probably the best of the lot that we made it to. There were lots of little details all over the place. We particularly liked the little architect figurines. Look, there's Frank Gehry, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller and that other guy, and those other guys. Sweet.

More pictures from the Home Tour will be published this week.