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LivingHomes's Low-Cost Prefab Benefits Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Updated 2/18: LivingHomes, the company that makes environmentally-mindful, architect-designed prefab houses, is teaming up with Make It Right, the nonprofit that builds environmentally-mindful, architect-designed, sometimes prefab houses in New Orleans's Ninth Ward (and which is led by dreamboat architecture aficionado Brad Pitt). Today they unveiled the C6, a sustainably-minded, relatively low-cost prefab house, for which a part of the proceeds will go to Make It Right (according to a fact sheet, "Make it Right would like to inspire more affordable, sustainable housing in the US and seeks sustainable financing strategies for the organization.") The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is 1,232 square feet and made up of three modules, which take a couple months to produce in a factory, then just a few days to assemble onsite.

While past LivingHomes have been designed by Ray Kappe and KieranTimberlake, the C6 was designed in-house and "was inspired by a tradition of courtyard homes that began with the Romans and that defined the mid-century modern developments of Joe Eichler" (the "C" in the name comes from the house's "C" shape). The house exceeds California's energy efficient building standards (Title 24) by 51 percent and (it has Energy Star appliances, recycled building materials, an environmental monitoring system, and all kinds of other energy-saving goodies), and it can also be fitted with a photovoltaic system that "should be sufficient to provide 100% of the family's heating, cooling, and water heating energy need."

Base cost for a C6 is $179,000, but that excludes land, permits, site prep, transport, installation, foundation, and the photovoltaics.Two C6es are currently on display to the public--one in Long Beach (handy for early TED attendees, and the one we visited) through February 25 and one in Palm Springs (handy for Modernism Week attendees) through February 26. Update: We should also mention the decor--the Long Beach house seen above was decorated by Curated!; the Palm Springs house was done by Jamie Bush & Co.
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