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Latest Look For Sunset Junction's Bates Motel-Killing Mixed-Use

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This just in: the latest rendering by Killefer Flammang Architects for the Frost/Chaddock-developed project at 4301 Sunset Boulevard, aka the Bates Motel site. Earlier this week we saw new renderings for its two brother Frost/Chaddock buildings farther east down Sunset, designed by Kanner Architects. We first saw the design for this site back in January, but the new rendering adds palettes and patios (also, pedestrians!). The infamous Bates Motel's real name is the Sunset Pacific, but its nickname comes from its proximity to Bates Ave. and its extreme creepiness. Its replacement is the largest of the new Frost/Chaddock developments in the neighborhood, and will include 122 residential units, 3,974 square feet of retail, 991 square feet of restaurant space, a 4,519 square foot gym/recreational space for residents, and 165 parking spaces in two subterranean parking levels.

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Sunset Pacific Motel

4301 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA