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1930s Traditional With Workshop in Silver Lake Hills

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Its truncated driveway and lack of front yard might cause some people to dismiss this Silver Lake home without a second glance. But if that aspect's not a dealbreaker (and after all, no yard = no lawn to mow and water), the 1930s traditional looks to have quite a bit going for it. According to the listing, the two-level house is configured with two bedrooms and one bath upstairs, plus a permitted, 835 square foot work space with one bath on the lower level. Features include hardwood floors, crown molding, vintage tile, built-in storage, a fireplace, balcony patio, central heat and air, city views, and a terraced backyard. Last sold in 2000 for $288,000, it's now listed at $629,000.
·1501 MURRAY Dr [Redfin]