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Here's Adele Recording at Malibu's Famous Shangri-La Studios

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Zillow (via Curbed National) has tipped us off that music producer Rick Rubin bought Malibu's famous and somewhat endangered Shangri-La, where Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Weezer, Metallica, and kajillions of other artists have all recorded (Dylan and Clapton even crashed there for a while). The owners also perpetuated some crazy rumors about the studios, like that they started life as an upscale bordello in the fifties and that Mr. Ed was stabled there in the sixties. In addition to the studios, the property has four bedrooms and a guesthouse on 1.73 acres and the whole thing was put up for sale in 2011, asking $4.1 million. According to Zillow, Rubin (who has produced just about everyone, from Tom Petty to Jay-Z to Aerosmith) bought the studios last August for $2 million. But before that, he brought Grammy darling Adele there in 2010 to record her ridiculously high-selling album 21. And they shot a video there to go with her song "Rolling In the Deep" (there was also another, more elaborate video for the song). Watch it below and enjoy the estate, the views, and the voice.

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