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Lofty Converted Chapel (With Bell and Steeple) in Silver Lake

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Well, glory be: looks like we've been blessed with not one, but two Sister Aimee Semple McPherson-related real estate tidbits this week. On Wednesday, we got word that the Foursquare Church, which the flamboyant Pentacostal evangelist founded in 1927, is planning to build more than 30 single family residences in Montecito Heights. And today brings us this quirky new listing in Silver Lake for the former Calvary Memorial Church, a Foursquare offshoot established by McPherson's ex-business manager, Harriet A. Jordan, after the two had a falling out. According to public records, the 1938 building was foreclosed on in 1999 and has traded hands two times since then. Converted to residential use in 2005, the 1,825 square foot loft-style space still contains a few reminders of holier days amidst its shiny, factory-fresh finishes, including a church bell, steeple, stained glass window, and a bronze memorial plaque. Other features include an open fireplace, wine cellar, and sleeping loft. Occupying a 4,878 square foot triangular lot at Silver Lake Boulevard and Parkman Avenue, it's listed at $648,000.
· 800 SILVER LAKE Blvd [Redfin]