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Foursquare Church Wants to Build 30 Houses in Montecito Hgts.

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Renderings via Ferrier Architecture Studio

The Church of the Foursquare Gospel has sometimes dabbled in real estate--for instance, it fixed up and tried to sell founder Aimee Semple McPherson's huge estate in Lake Elsinore in 2010 (that apparently didn't work out)--but now Eastsider LA reports they're getting into the development game. The church bought "about 30 acres of hillside property between Lincoln Heights and Montecito Heights" back about 80 years ago and has left it as pretty much public open space since then (they did build a radio tower for broadcasting sermons and dirt pathways). Last year, however, they announced plans to build more than 30 single family houses, along with streets "that would loop around the existing transmission towers." Neighbors are concerned about losing their open space, and about the grading and potential extra traffic on Montecito Drive. The community will meet with church officials this week.
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