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2-Beds Rent For Half as Much in Highland Park as in Silver Lake

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As eager as we all might be to slap a "gentrified" sticker on Highland Park, developer/blogger/broker Moses Kagan gives us a reminder that it's not quite up there with Silver Lake yet. In fact, it's only half way. After crunching the numbers last month on median rents in Silver Lake, he's repeated the exercise for Highland Park (for all Craigslist listings on February 10) and found that median rent for a two-bedroom/one-bathroom apartment is just a little more than half that for a similar place in Silver Lake. Here are the highlights from the rent survey:

-- Median rent for the seven studios in the survey (all with one bathroom) was $800 (compared to $980 for Silver Lake).

-- Median rent for the 12 one-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $925 (compared to $1,400 for Silver Lake).

-- Median rent for the nine two-bedroom/one-bathrooms was $1,100 (compared to $2,195 for Silver Lake).

-- Median rent for the nine two-bedroom/two-bathrooms was $1,150 (compared to $2,445 for Silver Lake).

-- Three-bedrooms with one or two bathrooms were listed at $1,250, $1,300, and $2,300 (the median in Silver Lake for one bath was $2,725; for more than one, itwas was $3,000).
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