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1960s Mt. Washington House "Inspired by" Vintage Arts & Archs

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According to its listing copy, this rustic residence near Elyria Canyon Park in Mt. Washington was handmade in 1964 by its sole owner. There's also some mention of its "inspiration [being found] in vintage copies of Art + Architecture or Sunset," but it's unclear whether this is meant literally or is just fanciful brokerbabble. At any rate, the tri-level house--which appears to be a sort of patchwork quilt of wood, cinderblock, stone, and cement--features three bedrooms, two and one-quarter baths, a two-story living room with double fireplace, a dark room/workshop, a badminton court, and mountain and city views. A trust sale, it's listed at $795,000.
· 1437 RANDALL Ct [Redfin]