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Supes Want Update to Those Strict Anti-Football Beach Rules

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Typically unflappable beachgoers lost their cool last week when an erroneous news item went viral--it claimed a new ordinance bans frisbees and footballs at LA County beaches and mandates that holes dug to China be fewer than 18 inches deep. Breaking the rules could lead to a $1,000 ticket, according to the story (which ran on CBS LA and which we picked up--sorry!). The truth was that frisbees and footballs were illegal before the new ordinance, which now allows their use during winter months (the fine was also $100, not a grand). It also oks sailboarding, kiteboarding, and paddleboarding (no word on the sand holes). All that outrage over a rule that no one knew existed until it was relaxed paid off--the LA Daily News reports that County Supes Don Knabe and Michael Antonovich ordered Department of Beaches and Harbor director Santos Kreimann to the Board of Supes meeting yesterday to clarify the new ordinance. Knabe wants DBH to rewrite the rules to "clearly state that football, Frisbee and similar sports are OK, unless the safety of other beachgoers is in danger or a lifeguard tells them to stop," particularly since "no tickets have been issued in 40 years." He said that he spoke with lifeguards who agreed the rules need an update. The Supes unanimously voted in support of a change but the ordinance will still have to be rewritten and voted on in its new form.
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