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Meet the Last Piece of the Big Sunset Junction Mixed-Use Plan

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Finally we meet the last of Frost/Chaddock's planned Sunset Junction mixed-use buildings (three of them are slated to replace the 4100 Bar, the so-called Bates Motel, and a line of already-demolished shops)--we saw the first two back in early January. New renderings from Kanner Architects, posted by The Architect's Newspaper, include an updated design for 4100 Sunset Blvd. (the bar site) that isn't too far off from what we saw in January and a never-before-seen rendering for 4000 Sunset (the shops site)--that one should elicit a sigh of relief for people who like facades with a few architectural details. Killefer Flammang is designing the third building. Altogether, the three buildings will add 311 residential units and more than 16,000 square feet of commercial space. A/N describes Kanner Architects inspiration, which includes the neighborhood's notable architects of the past: "The buildings...were inspired by LA's long history of multifamily apartments from the likes of R.M. Schindler and Richard Neutra...Their simple white palettes, mixed with warmer tones, are meant to fit unobtrusively into their lively surroundings but still provide some excitement."

Sunset Pacific Motel

4301 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

4100 Bar

1087 Manzanita St, Los Angeles, CA 90029