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New Main St. Bike Lane Not Green, Won't Mess With Filming

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Updated 12:31 pm: The LA Times publishes an editorial today revealing that the green Spring Street Bike Lane has precipitated a decrease in filming on "the most filmed stretch of street in town," which apparently it was until "the green lane spoiled the shots that made Spring the perfect stand-in for Anytown, USA." According to a source from local permitting body Film LA, much of the Spring filming has moved over to Main Street, which also happens to be the next frontier for Downtown bike lanes. The southern stretch of Main (between Ninth and Venice/Sixteenth) was bikeified over the weekend, reports the LADOT Bike Blog, but the lane is looking a bit gray. Apparently, "The Department of Transportation now promises to make its Main Street bike lane green-free," according to the LAT. Update: Valerie Watson of the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council clarifies to us that this stretch of the Main bike lane was never intended to be green. Only the forthcoming stretch north of Ninth, which parallels the Spring St. lane, had green plans.

Of course filmmakers are used to making huge swaths of bright green disappear (that's exactly what green screens are for), but "Bike lane dictated by the federal government, which doesn't require bike lanes, and doesn't require green, but requires that if bike lanes are green they must be this particular shade -- which is not digitally erasable Hollywood green." Is this a good time to say "Only in LA"?
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