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SaMo Wants to Charge Developers For Creating New Car Trips

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Because they can, the city of Santa Monica is moving forward with a Transportation Impact Fee that will require developers to offset traffic impacts caused by new projects, in one way or another. The Santa Monica Mirror reports that the city planning commission approved a resolution (pdf) outlining a proposed amendment to the city's zoning ordinance that would require a fee from developers for creating new car trips during pm peak hours. The city has a goal of "No Net New Trips" for those times, established by the Land Use and Circulation Element approved in July of 2010. Although the resolution is still short on details, it acknowledges that new development is inevitable, so something must be done to offset new trips. According to the resolution, the TIF would have development "contribute its fair share" toward offsetting traffic, "through the development of new transportation infrastructure providing alternatives to automobile travel, including public transit, bicyling, ridesharing, and walking..." Santa Monica has been on anti-car roll lately, approving a mixed-use housing project with no parking and several Expo-related projects.
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