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The Best Place I Ever Sold: Selling LAers Speak, pt 2

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On Friday, HGTV took an hour of our lives to ask the realtors from the Selling LA/Selling New York franchises, "What was the best place you ever sold?" These are the homes chosen by the realtors from the Valerie Fitzgerald Group.

Agent: Valerie Fitzgerald, Valerie Fitzgerald Group
Best Place: 1754 Sunset Plaza Drive
Features: 11,000 sq. ft., 6 bedrooms, 12 baths, 3 pools, 2 gourmet kitchens
Sale Price: $14.9 million (has not sold)
Why: The owner/developer Richard Tuil turned a 2,000 sq.ft. house into Villa Alegra - an 11,000 sq.ft. "Venitian" behemoth. Valerie explains that she almost had a buyer, a couple from France, who was willing to offer $11 million in cash. However, Richard bitch slapped the offer away, taking it as an insult. Therefore, Valerie didn't actually sell it, but she still hopes to, eventually. More on the home here and here.

Agent: Dominique Jeramaz, Valerie Fitzgerald Group
Best Place: 1957 Coldwater Canyon Drive
Features: 4,000 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, pool, three fireplaces
Sale Price: $2.33 million (in 2007)
Why: The home was originally sold by Dominique to her father, who then upgraded the home and resold it in 2007. In her voice-over, Dominique notes: "From the minute you walk in the front door of this home, you're transcended back to the 1950s, but kind of in a cooler way... maybe?" Maybe indeed, Dominique. Maybe, indeed.

Agent: Nicole Contreras, Valerie Fitzgerald Group
Best Place: 10776 Wilshire Boulevard, Penthouse Unit
Features:5,700 sq. ft., 3 beds, 4.5 baths,
Sale Price: $10.5 million (in 2011)
Why: Nicole sold this one in 2011, and chooses it as the best place she ever sold because the people that live there are really happy. Nice. The unit has an open kitchen and expansive views throughout. The master bedroom is set in its own wing of the penthouse, and features his and hers walk in closets with a combined square footage of 800 sq. ft. Nicole deems it very luxurious.

For those of you interested in seeing the homes chosen by Marisa Zanuck and Rebekah Schwartz of Hilton & Hyland, the full episode is available for viewing on the HGTV web site.

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