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George Clooney Gives You a Tour of His Fryman Canyon House

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The usually rather private George Clooney is going all in this Oscar season (always a Best Actor nominee and never a Best Actor winner...) and has now even allowed a CBS cameraperson inside his house in Studio City (but no actual reporters or anything). Here he is showing us around the house, which he's owned since the nineties--he says he bought it because he had some ER money and it's paparazzi-resistant. He doesn't really seem to enjoy the video tour at all, although eventually he does open up just a bit about his family always renting when he was young, his aunt Rosemary, and his decor, courtesy nightclub guy/Cindy Crawford husband Rande Gerber (he also shares some kind of dicey Studio City history).

· "Person to Person": George Clooney [CBS News]