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Rancho Los Alamitos Makeover, Phase I Dunzo at 940 East 2nd

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LONG BEACH: The historic Rancho Los Alamitos in Long Beach is getting a makeover and plans to hold a grand opening in June to show off a new Rancho Center and the restoration of the Barns Area. The Rancho Center will host a permanent exhibition called Rancho Los Alamitos--Ever Changing, Always the Same, which "which stretches across multiple spaces within the Center and directed the design of the building," according to a press release. The Barns Area work involved "relocating and restoring five agricultural structures to recapture the layout and character of the historic working Ranch." [Curbed Inbox]

ARTS DISTRICT: 940 East 2nd Street has sold out phase one and kicked off phase two, which includes townhouse units asking $1.15 million. Regular units start at $540,000. According to the website, two units are already in escrow. Full price list down below. [Curbed Inbox]

940 East 2nd Street

940 E. Second St., Los Angeles, CA Visit Website