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New Photos Show ScarJo and RyReyn Didn't Ruin Wong House

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Phew. Looks like Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds left the Buff & Hensman-designed Wong House pretty much intact during their year and a half ownership. The now-exes bought the perfectly-restored Los Feliz house in 2010 and put it up for sale on Monday with just one listing photo (of the view) and this nerve-racking description: "Totally restored and upgraded to eco-friendly in the last year" (there was also a note about "plans for [a] second story"). But new listing photos up today show that the actors may have added solar power and several pendant lamps, but they seem to have kept almost everything else looking the same (and fine) as ever. They're still asking $3.65 million.
· ScarJo and RyReyn Selling "Upgraded" Los Feliz Wong House [Curbed LA]

Wong House

2651 Nottingham Pl., Los Angeles, CA