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Crowdsourcing LA's History, New Names For SaMo Parks

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LOS ANGELES: The Office of Historic Resources's SurveyLA project (which seeks to catalog the city's historic buildings) has launched for Angelenos to contribute information about the historic resources around the city. The website allows users to add information about the historic resources (buildings, bridges, stores, etc.) in their neighborhoods that the SurveyLA teams can then use in their field survey. The field survey is a precursor to the "city's first truly comprehensive preservation program." And, bonus, it looks like users will even earn points, Foursqure-style, for participating on MyHistoricLA. [Curbed Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: The city of Santa Monica's Recreation and Parks Commission has approved its naming recommendations for the pair of Field Operations-designed collectively known as the Santa Monica Civic Center Parks. If the Rec and Parks Commission gets its way, the area in front of City Hall (formerly Town Square) will be renamed Ken Genser Square after the city's later mayor, and the six acre park just west (formerly Palisades Garden Walk) will be renamed Santa Monica Commons. Both sites are currently under construction. The Commission also recommends that "the area currently known as Observation Hill be renamed Tongva Hill and that an appropriate area of the park be identified in honor of the Belmar Triangle Neighborhood." The city council still has to vote on the names. [Santa Monica Civic Center Parks]

Ken Genser Square

Main St. & Olympic Dr., Santa Monica, CA