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Apartment-Dwellers Left Out of Valley Village Permit Parking

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New parking restrictions in Sherman Village east of Coldwater Canyon near Riverside Drive are causing heartache for renters who have been denied parking permits. Homeowners in the area had requested the restrictions--which create two-hour parking and prohibit unpermitted cars being left overnight--way back in 2008 to control parking overflow from nearby businesses and a construction site. The City Council passed the parking restrictions this August and the No Parking signs went up recently. However, renters from the apartment buildings lining Coldwater Canyon, who also parked in the neighborhood, are being told by the Department of Transportation that their addresses don't qualify them for permits--an angry apartment-dweller tells us via email "I went to purchase my permit, only to be told that I wasn't allowed to do so, because I didn't live in the 'district'."

The resolution of this matter has run into an unexpected hurdle: this little slice of Valley Village had been part of Paul Koretz's Council District 5, but this summer joined Tom LaBonge's CD4. LaBonge's office tells Curbed that "this parking district was years in the making via a different Council office and is currently in the midst of implementation, I don't foresee near-term involvement on our part." In the meantime, the LADOT says they will explore the possibility of making the excluded renters eligible for permits.
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