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LA Valets to Be Regulated and Will Have to Park Cars Off-Street

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The LA City Council voted yesterday, finally, to actually regulate valet parking operations. This is the kind of thing that non-Angelenos will make fun of Angelenos for getting excited about, but ... this was a long time coming, right? Under the new rules (which are subject to a second vote), all valet operators will have "to obtain a permit, carry liability insurance, provide proof of off-street spaces for parking cars and ensure that valet workers had valid California driver's licenses. The ordinance would prohibit operators from using public street parking without permission and from blocking traffic," according to the LA Times. So not only will valet services be a little more accountable, they'll also be taking up less non-valet parking. This ordinance was three years in the making and "modeled on longtime regulations in West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills." The rules will be phased in, starting in Hollywood, possibly next spring.
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