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LA Preparing to Buy Silver Lake's Corralitas Red Car Property

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The privately-owned, 10-acre property in Silver Lake known as the Corralitas Red Car property is one step closer to becoming a public park. The City Council has determined how much it is willing to pay for the former Pacific Electric Railway right of way, and yesterday directed the city find the cash to make the purchase. Once the funding is allocated, likely with the help of the Trust for Public Land and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (and maybe others), the Council will vote again and negotiations with the seller can commence. Large, undeveloped parcels are rare in this part of town, and locals have been fighting to preserve this piece of land for decades. The most recent skirmish began this summer when the long and skinny property hit the market advertised as having room for 178 residential units. That move prompted City Councilmember Eric Garcetti, whose district contains the Red Car property, to begin exploring the possibility of the having the city buy the land and turn it into a public open space. Garcetti's office confirms that the property remains on the market, and is not aware of any other interested buyers.
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