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Port of LA's New Giant Metal Tuna Signals Gentrification Ahead

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As life returns to the Port of LA post-strike, there is death too: or a sculpture of a giant dead blue fun tuna, anyway. "Ghost Fish 107" by Carl Cheng was unveiled yesterday at Sampson Way and Berth 73, the Daily Breeze reports--the fish is 40 feet tall and "pays homage to San Pedro's long and colorful history as a commercial fishing hub" (more on the Port's tuna canning legacy here). The fish is made of stainless steel wire mesh and filled with "castings of old tools and other objects collected from San Pedro families." It'll be lit at night via solar power. And it may just be an enormous metal fish, but it's also (hopefully) a sign of fresh days ahead for the struggling-really-really-hard-to-gentrify area: it "serves as the centerpiece of a new 1.5-acre waterfront plaza near the fishing slip," which started work earlier this year and also includes new teak benches and seating platforms by San Pedro artist Harold Greene.
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