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Touring the Mid-Century Modern Bank That Will House the Palm Springs Architecture and Design Center

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Last week we took a jaunt to Palm Springs to check out some of the highlights of this February's Modernism Week. The Architecture and Design Council's big Mad Men-themed fundraiser will be held in this space--the old Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan, designed by E. Stewart Williams. The building is on its way to becoming the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion (whew, yes, a mouthful), which will host architecture, design, and photography exhibitions. LA-based Marmol Radziner (who worked on Richard Neutra's famous Kaufmann Desert House) is handling the adaptive reuse project; they plan to restore the building to its original 1961 sexiness (it's been messed with a little bit over the years). M+R will replace some of the anodized aluminum screens that were stolen over the years, add new lighting and more shade control for the glassy space, and bring the building up to Americans With Disabilities Act standards. In addition to exhibition space, the center will also have a store (partially in that main-floor vault), basement offices and kitchen, and meeting space. Work is set to start just after Modernism Week, on March 1. (And by the way, we hear Jon Hamm will make an appearance at the Mad Men party.)
· New Arch Space in Old Arch Gem [Curbed LA]
Disclosure: The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism hosted our trip to PS.

Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center

300 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA