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Hollywood Renaissance Reborn, Ray Bradbury Square Naming

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HOLLYWOOD: The new sign's been up for a few months now, but a tipster informs us that the liquor license for the hotel formerly known as the Renaissance Hollywood has officially been transferred to new owner Loews. So it's cocktail time, we guess! Loews is also working on a phased makeover of the hotel's 632 guest rooms, as well as its public spaces, but will stay open during work. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Tomorrow's the day when the Fifth and Flower intersection is officially dedicated as Ray Bradbury Square, in honor of LA's favorite sci-fi writer/monorail enthusiast. Scheduled guests include actor Joe Mantegna and Bradbury's daughter Sue Bradbury Nixon. Over at the HuffPo, writer Steven Paul Leiva, one of the driving forces behind the square, explains how it all happened. Fun fact: if City Councilmember Paul Koretz hadn't gone into politics, he would've written science fiction. [Curbed Inbox]