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Hollywood's Guitar Row Getting Boutiquey The Moment Hotel

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The Moment Hotel, formerly the Sunset Inn & Suites, is set to open its boutiquey doors on Guitar Row on February 1, 2013. (Small tangent: The Line, The Moment--what's going on with hotel names lately?) The Guitar Center-adjacent neighborhood isn't the hippest, but eastern Hollywood is so happening it's practically over, so we're rooting for this more western section, even if Sunset is damn near uncrossable. According to a press release, The Moment is "designed for the Hollywood-bound traveler looking for a modernist attitude with a minimalist approach" and has "sloped and slanted walls, presenting the feeling of motion and movement" (so it's kind of preparing you to cross Sunset). There are 39 rooms and one suite, each with its own color scheme, flat screen, "over-sized glass shower," and "unique graphics over the bed." Plus also a 2,000 square foot Moment Deck & Bar on the rooftop, with drinks and "fresh comfort food served tapas style." The hotel will be operated by broughtonHOTELS, which runs hotels in SoCal and Chicago.
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The Moment

7370 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA