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Watch the Hollywood Sign's Whole 9 Week Facelift in 2 Minutes

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The Hollywood Sign's big facelift is complete--this is the most extensive work the Sign's undergone since it was installed in its current iteration in the late seventies. The work took nine weeks, during which workers stripped each of the nine letters (mostly by hand!), applied 105 gallons of primer, then applied two coats (totaling 255 gallons) of exterior acrylic latex paint. We know so much about all the paint involved because Sherwin-Williams helped fund the project, along with the Hollywood Sign Trust. According to a press release, "The products used for the Sign's most extensive refurbishment in nearly 35 years are designed to help the Sign retain its crisp white finish, especially against the elements." The Hollywood Sign will turn 90 next year--it started life in 1923 as an advertisement for the Hollywoodland real estate development, but went to the city in 1944 after the developers went bust. The "LAND" was removed in 1949. By the seventies, the Sign was in terrible shape, and Hugh Hefner led a fundraising campaign with celebrities including Alice Cooper and Gene Autry funding replacement letters. The new version of the Sign went up in 1978. Down below, check out the whole makeover in exciting time-lapse form.

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