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Robert Taylor Ranch With Casino Goes at Auction For $12MM

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The Robert Taylor Ranch in Mandeville Canyon, which comes with its own casino, has sold at auction for $12 million "to a buyer from Chicago," reports the LA Times. The house was built in 1950 and designed by Robert Byrd; comes with 112 acres, seven bedrooms, 17 and a half bathrooms (!), a 10-car garage, stables, and a tennis court. It was the longtime home of actor Robert Taylor, who was married to Barbara Stanwyck and played in Quo Vadis, Ivanhoe, and The Law and Jake Wade (he also snitched to HUAC about alleged Communist activity in Hollywood). He died in 1969 and the property was purchased in the 1970s by KROQ founder Ken Roberts (he paid $900,000). Roberts tried to sell it several times over the years (we saw it in 2008 asking $65 million), the finally handed it over to a hedge fund to settle a court-ordered debt. Most recently, the new owners (a trust) were asking $18.9 million. The live auction last week attracted 12 bidders who "were wined and dined under a canopy on the lawn."
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