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Staples Plays Favorites With Clippers, New Silver Lake Show

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SOUTH PARK: A tipster sends in this photo of Staples declaring this a Clippers Nation and writes "You know the Lakes must really, really, I mean, REALLY stink if Clippers Nation is on the front!" And the Clippers aren't even playing tonight! [Curbed Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: The new web series EastSiders, premiering December 14, is set guess where: on the fake east side of LA, aka Silver Lake. It's about a gay couple trying to keep it together post-cheating revelation, and stars As the World Turns actor Van Hansis, Broadway playwright/actor Kit Williamson (who also created it), and Happy Endings star Stephen Guarino. We're hoping for a lot of Akbar-related drama. [Curbed Inbox]