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Trashed House in Simi Says "Fuck Lamps," Paul Williams YMCA Rehab Opens in Historic South-Central

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SIMI VALLEY: There's no evidence in the listing that this house in Simi Valley is a foreclosure except that someone has totally trashed it. Besides the major amounts of damage, and the location, the house seems perfectly nice--it has four bedrooms, a dining room, a pool, and a pool house, for $330,000. There's a sale pending. [Redfin]

HISTORIC SOUTH-CENTRAL: The Koning Eizenberg-designed rehab of the former YMCA in Historic South-Central officially opened its doors today--the building was originally designed by Paul Williams and opened in 1926, serving African-Americans. The new, affordable 28th Street Apartments has larger rooms than the old YMCA (and they have bathrooms and kitchenettes), plus supportive services for tenants, community space, a restored gym, and a rooftop garden. A press release says the building will "serve two different cohorts: low-income adults and youths transitioning from homelessness to independent living." Eight units are open only to 18 to 24 year olds. Construction shots, renderings, and some historic photos are here. [Curbed Inbox]