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Enormous, Fancy, 24-Hour Walgreens Opens in Hollywood

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Ok, maybe it's a little embarrassing that a 24-hour Walgreens is a big effing deal in Hollywood, but this is a pretty crazy drugstore. Racked LA reports from the opening of the chain's crazy West Coast flagship in the old Borders space in Sunset + Vine this weekend--the store is 23,509 square feet, open 24 hours, and "unlike any other Walgreens we've ever experienced." Besides Excedrin and Cheez-Its, the store also has a frozen yogurt station, a fresh sushi bar, a coffee bar, a juice bar, some mad soda machine that has 130 fountain drinks, and a wine shop with a humidor and "a virtual bartender kiosk." And of course there's also a grip of "Hollywood"-branded merchandise. Hollywood has been one of the hottest post-bust neighborhoods with tons of groundbreakings this year; a handy all-night shop marks yet another big score for the 'hood. Head over to Racked for a full tour.
· Beauty! Sushi! Juice! Inside Hollywood's Crazy-Fancy Walgreens [Racked LA]