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Apartments Could Knock Out Century-Old Craftsmen in WeHo

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There is a very WeHo preservation fight going on on Palm Avenue, as century-old bungalows do battle with a small apartment complex plan. Property owner David Vayner owns three Craftsman houses on the street (one dates from 1902), but says they're too expensive to maintain--he'd like to knock them down and put up 24 apartments, reports the WeHo News. The houses aren't part of the city's protected Craftsman district (they were "considered for protection but rejected as not meeting the standard"), but neighbors are still pretty fond of them, and would definitely prefer them to four-story apartment buildings. They "hope to find some way to convince Mr. Vayner to renovate the properties, restoring them to their previous luster and possibly gaining inclusion on the Craftsman District list." Vayner seems skeptical. His plans call for two 45-foot tall, four-story buildings with 12 units each and two underground parking spaces per unit.
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