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Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park Getting Park, Big Chess Board Thingy

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The city has a chunk of money ($1 million) to do something with the unfortunate strip of Sunset Boulevard that runs through Echo Park (it's wide, it's curvy, it includes that terrible Sunset/Alvarado intersection), and it's got all kinds of plans. The Bureau of Street Services wants to put in new benches, stamp patterns into the pavement, and add solar-powered trash cans and street trees, reports the Eastsider LA. And there are plans for a pocket park at Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue (the Brite Spot/Taix intersection). But so far the big eye-catcher is a little zig-zaggy plaza with horse-bedecked bollards at the absolutely brutal Sunset and Alavarado intersection (the rendering shows it on the northeast corner): "Hitching posts/bollards mark the street corner and recall Victorian-era of horse & carriage," according to the rendering (ELA asks "Are engineers expecting equestrians to hitch their horses at the corner of Sunset and Alvarado while they savor a machaca burrito at Burrito King?").
· Will hitching posts at Sunset & Alvarado make Echo Park more beautiful? [Eastsider LA]