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The 11 Craziest Never-Gonna-Happen Renderings of 2012

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It's the last week in December, when according to tradition we make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to all the best, worst, and shitshowiest of things that happened in Los Angeles real estate, architecture, and neighborhoods this year. These are your 2012 Curbed Awards.

Architects are always dreaming up crazy shit and then rendering it up just so we can all look at it and go "That is some crazy shit! Why don't they ever build stuff like this instead of their boring NFL stadiums or snoresville apartment blocks?" (There is one big exception in the roundup above.) To stoke your end-of-year malaise with just such thoughts, here they are, all in one place: the wackiest 2012 renderings that will never be.
· Curbed Awards 2012 [Curbed LA]