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DMV Will Sell Vintage-Style License Plates If Drivers Buy Them

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The California DMV is considering issuing "vintage" license plates like the ones used in the fifties, sixties, and seventies, the Los Angeles Times reports, but whether they do will depend on how much interest there is in the minimalistic "legacy license plates," which come in blue, black, and a mustard yellow (these plates are at least something different than the current white background, red cursive iteration, which are very similar to Louisiana's). If 7,500 people agree to pay $50 for the plates by January 1, 2015, the DMV will issue the plates; if they don't cross that threshold, no plates, but everyone gets their money back. The plates will be new (made by people in the pokey?) and outfitted with modern features like light-reflectors. Apparently, some car collectors are turning their noses up at the plates, since they're only mock-vintage (one vintage plate seller says "The people I talk to at swap meets are dead set against it ... They want original plates").
· California's revival of classic license plates faces barriers [LA Times]