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Downtown's Grand Central Market Getting Trendy Makeover

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Downtown's Grand Central Market seemed like one of those little pockets of old schoolness that would slide under the gentrification radar, but NOPE: it's getting a big, trendy makeover. The market, built in 1917, sits at the bottom of the Homer Laughlin Building, right between Angel's Flight and the up-and-coming Broadway, so it was probably inevitable. Consultants brought in to oversee the overhaul "said they hope to install local chefs and entrepreneurs, including retailers of bread, coffee, cheese and wine as well as sustainably raised meat and fish and farmers market produce, while keeping as many current vendors as possible" (about 30 stalls are currently occupied), reports the LA Times. They also want to completely makeover the Hill Street seating area, turning it into what they describe as "downtown's living room"--meaning free WiFi, power outlets, and "maybe low couches." The basement will become a "food crafting space" with an exhibition kitchen in the center to be called Basement at Grand Central Market (chic!). The market will also get longer hours (right now it's open until 6 pm). But first up: a "deep cleaning" and repainting already underway. Architecture firm BCV, which worked on San Francisco's enormously successful Ferry Building Marketplace, will handle design work.
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