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WeHo, Culver, Bev Hills: Which City Will Get Bike Sharing Next?

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Los Angeles may be hogging the limelight this month, but WeHo Patch checks in on where else in the county bike share fever is taking hold. West Hollywood officials have met with Beverly Hills-based SoCal Cycle Share to talk about setting up a privately-funded program there, and the transportation commission discussed the plans twice over the summer. But, not wanting to be the first city to make a move, the transportation commission affirmed their desire to bring in bike sharing, but didn't choose a provider. Meanwhile, Bike Nation, the Tustin-based company that's running LA's huge bike share program, has submitted proposals to both West Hollywood and Culver City for sharing programs there. Also in the mix is the Westside Cities Council of Governments (a group representing the Westside cities), which has been looking into a joint bike share program for more than a year now. As part of the joint effort, a staff report was presented to the Beverly Hills City Council in September noting that the average start-up cost is $46,000 per station, but that there's possible funding in "grant funding, user fees, private or non-profit sponsorship and advertising revenue." Earlier this year, Santa Monica's bike plans got a major leg up when they received a $500,000 grant for their program.
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