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City Won't Throw Out Chinatown Walmart's Building Permits

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It's one more win for the under-construction Chinatown Walmart: the city has denied an appeal of the project's building permits (meaning the store can keep on constructing). Add that one to the failure of the Chinatown chain store ban and a judge's denial of a work stoppage at the site, on the ground floor of the Grand Plaza apartments. The LA Times reports that a zoning administrator "found that the Department of Building and Safety did not err or abuse its discretion when it gave Wal-Mart permission to upgrade an existing retail space at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Grand avenues." Opponents of the store, a smaller-sized Neighborhood Market, said the city rushed permits before the proposed chain store ban could come to a vote and argued that the permits "should be invalidated because Grand Plaza's developer did not complete key environmental measures required by the city when the 302-unit building was approved two decades ago." They now say they'll probably file an appeal of this latest decision. The Walmart is set to open by the end of March.
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Grand Plaza

701 W. Cesar Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA