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Big Sushi News in OBD, Best Nabe for Food, Junior's Closing in Westwood, Henry's Tacos Still Alive

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DOWNTOWN: When the Medallion apartments opened a couple years ago, they certainly filled a big dead zone in the Old Bank District. The retail didn't really take off but, finally, good news: the very upscale and much-loved Sushi Zo is moving into a 1,600 square foot groundfloor space. DTLA really needs some good sushi; opening will be mid-to-late 2013.

DOWNTOWN: Eater asked some prominent local writers to pick the city's best neighborhood for food and, unsurprisingly, DTLA was the hands-down winner. But there was a second-place finisher that might surprise some.

WESTWOOD: Junior's Deli on Westwood Boulevard is sadly closing after more than 50 years of pastrami sandwiches. The reason: a rent dispute and dwindling business. The owners are planning another restaurant, but at a different location.

STUDIO CITY: A preservation battle roared over Henry's Tacos, a little Valley stand with Googie-style design. While a closure appeared imminent, the stand will now operate until at least January 10 ... and maybe longer.
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