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USC Football Coach Should Fear Trojans Bearing Home Loans

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[Images via TMZ]

You know how sometimes your supergenerous employer offers you a loan for a new house, in addition to the multimillion dollar salary they're already paying you? It's a nice gesture and all, but maybe you should think twice before accepting. Take it and you risk finding yourself in the position USC football coach Lane Kiffin is facing. According to TMZ, when Kiffin bought his $5.5 million house in Manhattan Beach earlier this year, USC kicked in $500,000. Way back then, before the season started, the Trojans were ranked number one and looked good for the national championship. But after a disappointing season and calls for him to be shown the door, Kiffin may want to check out the small print on that loan: if he quits or is fired, USC can demand their money back, with interest. Which means he could conceivably lose his house. The contemporary Craftsman that may hang in the balance has six bedrooms in 7,038 square feet, and a saltwater pool and spa.
· USC Gave Me $500k for My House, But There's a Catch [TMZ]